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Sentiero Hotels & Suites is the most preferred hotel in Imo State and it’s all about the right mix!

Located just 2 minutes drive from the Sam Mbakwe Airport Imo State and shielded from the hustle and bustle of the Owerri metropolis, we offer our corporate clients and walk in guests a perfect blend of relaxation, activities, and African tradition delicately infused to meet the highest international standards.

Our hotel has been designed for your comfort and convenience. Also, your security is our primary concern. That is why we have taken the pains to involve the Nigerian Air force in securing the hotel.

You’ll also find our customer care second to none.

Our hotel has taken important steps to live up to Nigeria’s future model in the hospitality sector. The hotel has a VIP bar and an outside bar to make sure that all your drinking needs are taken care of.

We have an excellent restaurant where you can treat yourself to an array of Nigerian dishes and drinks.
We offer all our room guests FREE breakfasts from our restaurant.

Enjoy free WiFi and cable TV as well as 24/7 power supply. our airport shuttle is ever available to provide you that prompt drop off to the airport so that you never miss your flight again.

We are passionate about serving you and look forward to having you.

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